Shackleton Research Trust

Develop brand strategy, visual identity and marketing for non-profit scientific organization
Project Details

Client: Shackleton Research Trust Corp

Date: Ongoing

Online: ShackletonTrust.org

The Shackleton Research Trust (SRT) was launched with a mission to maximize the global footprint of underrepresented students of science. The organization had already started scheduling for conducting student research; and as a 501c3 non-profit organization, our greatest challenge was the global nature of the organization and the variety of target audiences. We had to take into consideration the cultural, demographic, economical, sociological and language barriers. Our target audiences included donors, sponsors, partners and of course, students and participants.
We jumped at the chance to be a part of this amazing endeavor. We set up interviews with both target audiences, we audited other similar organizations and found SRT to have a unique approach: to maximize the global educational impact of underrepresented students through extraordinary, adventure-driven research initiatives. We decided this was not a sob story, but an empowering one; and we realized we needed to create a non-profit brand with a commercial polish. The very fitting mantra, “Empowering the individual together” speaks to donors, sponsors and students alike. We also developed a seasonal journal publishing stories from underrepresented global scientists as the primary marketing driver to spread their message.

Offerings: Branding. Identity & Logo Design. Web Design. SM Content & Management. Email Marketing. Packaging. Swag.

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