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Client: SAP

Online: SAP & Macromedia


Co-creative design research
Brand Strategy
Visual Design
UX/UI Design

The purpose of this project was to consider adding a contextually aware artificial intelligence (AI) component to current and future business-to-business SAP software that understands human business, language and behaviour. Primary research was implemented by conducting online and offline surveys using 33 participants who are currently professionals in a variety of work fields in addition to conducting an observational study at a design firm monitoring and evaluating teamwork and meeting structures.
Secondary research focused on effective management and teamwork, the Big 5 OCEAN traits, intrinsic motivation, Artificial Intelligence and Human-AI-Interaction. For more details visit the official project page.

NOTE: This project was conducted through a Macromedia University's master's program under NDA. Please contact us for further information.
"I was amazed by the brilliance they approached the topic and shaped their concept in a short period of timeā€”it was pretty impressive and very refreshing. Many remarkable ideas were presented at the end of the project in a very professional manner, which was both inspiring and insightful for us."

Jeong-sook Lee - Head of Global Design Direction, FIORI Visual Design Lead

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