Dolls Kill

Conceptualize, design and build a campaign to introduce a new iconic character named Kandi.
Project Details

Client: Dolls Kill

Date: July 2015

Online: DollsKill.com

"Dolls Kill is an active subversion of the fashion industries "norm". Whether she is experimenting with fashion, music or sexual identity, the Dolls Kill customer can be seen aggressively fighting the higher power and unapologetically raising hell wherever she goes." - Dolls Kill
We were hired to develop a campaign surrounding a new character, or "Doll", originally called Molly, then changed to Kandi. Our idea to cover her in colors, candy and crazed allure was inspired by the raver lifestyle. Located in a padded cell, recreational drugs were replaced with candy and Kandi's addiction is being fed. The result was the idea of feeding a girl's inner party child with the slogan, "Can you hang with Kandi?"

Tasks included: Art direction. Graphics. Storyboarding. Scripting. Branding.

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