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Evaluate, establish, and design brand strategy for Aesthetic-Wellness Boutique Spa
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Client: Bare Beauty Spatique

Online: BareBeautySpatique.com


Competitive Analysis
Brand Evaluation
Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Logo & Visual Design
UX/UI Design
Web Development
Go-to-Market Launch Strategy
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Bare Beauty Spatique is a beauty spa offering a plethora of services from skin care to nail care to body care. While the business was doing fine due to the owner, Lindsey's talent, reputation, and customer-centric approach, the messaging was confused and Lindsey’s unique implementation to the practice was being overlooked. She had a vision of scaling the business while maintaining the diverse list of offerings.

Lindsey came to us to evaluate the brand in its current state and uncover ways to combine her approach with a holistic customer experience. She wanted to elevate the brand identity to exist more clearly in the luxury space. Our research showed that in order to stand out, Bare Beauty must differentiate itself as a practitioner who implements their unique methods in all their services and sessions. This way, they won’t have to consolidate their offerings. As such Bare Beauty will boast energy-focused practice in each service, with a specific approach and an intended outcome.
Using our Prestige Best Model, we discovered that Bare Beauty’s brand essence is “holistic, transcendent wellness.” This concept was reinforced repeatedly throughout the process as more qualities of balance and transformation came to light. We pulled at her customers' experiences before, during and after each session and learned that they were truly cathartic.

Entering Bare Beauty’s space means allowing yourself to be vulnerable, placing absolute trust in the artist’s hands, journeying through abstract self-reflection, experiencing transcendence to finally… emerge blissful. This is the emotion that is felt after interacting with the brand, one that can be achieved, repeated, and scaled. It is this feeling that drives Bare Beauty and all its assets. It is this emotion that motivates their customers to return.

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